Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Why do my roommates hate me? I was all excited after they talked to me about their "issues" with me, because they seemed to be fine. Now yesterday I tried to get online and it wasn't working. I went to find out why and it was because my cord was unplugged and my splitter was gone. (There's only one phone jack and it's in the kitchen, and I had put a splitter on it so the living room phone would be able to be plugged in at the same time my phone was.) Luckily, I had another splitter so I replaced it, but later that night I tried again and the splitter was gone again! Why would they do that? I'm not online all day and all night... even if I was, that's definitely not the way for anybody to handle it... if anybody knows anybody who needs a roommate, let me know please!
Tags: roommates
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