Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So I finally got something back from the Albany Police Department. They want me to take a CritiCall multitasking test on the 25th, and if I pass they'll schedule me for an interview. It sounds like an easy enough test, so I asked for time off. Hopefully I'll get it - it would make me sad if I couldn't do the test because the stupid job I have won't let me go.

So anyway, yesterday I put the information for the APD in the outgoing mailbox on the wall next to our mailboxes. And last night when I came home from work it was still there. This isn't the first time the mailman hasn't picked up mail. I had to take it to the post office this morning just to be sure it got to Albany on time.

Scheduling for the weekend has taken a turn for the worse, too, which is kind of disappointing. Our first plan was to leave early on Friday morning, pick up camp chairs in Beaverton, and then head up to the Yakima valley and camp. But on Wednesday we're going to be getting our take-home tests, which I think are all essay questions. Cory's worried that we won't be able to finish them in time if we spend three days away from the internet and the library, so we might end up going on Saturday. And then last night, Dad emailed me to say that my grandparents are going to be in town on Thursday for a couple of days, and they wanted to have dinner with us. But I don't think that's going to work. And then Rachel is supposed to be visiting on Monday and Tuesday, but I have to work some of the time she's here. And then the test. Busy busy busy. Oh, and I have to write my research paper too. Yikes. I think I need to get on the ball.
Tags: job search
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