Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I dragged Cory to see Vanity Fair last night. There were six of us in the house, and we sat way up in the very back, so Cory stretched out across the row of seats and had a little nap partway through the movie. It held my interest, but it was so disjointed that the plot holes seemed huge. And because the director was Indian (she also directed Monsoon Wedding and Kama Sutra) she put a lot of references to India in the movie, which were not in the book (or so I hear - I haven't read the book).

Today my aunt and uncle are coming from Salem to bring me Grandma's old chair, which I will somehow stuff into my living room. Soon the papasan will be going to greener pastures (Nicoal's apartment) so I'll have room again, but for now we'll have tons and tons of seating. :D

I'm on my fourth Temari ball. They're turning out really well, I think, and they're pretty easy. I'm going through them so quickly I may actually be done before Christmas Eve! That would be nice.

And today is dstroy's birthday! Hope you have a great day, and I hope your party goes well tomorrow!
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