Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, those of you who know me know that I'm REALLY not good at confrontation. I even look for any way possible to avoid the people who stand in front of stores and try to get you to fill out surveys. Cory's the same way - we're a couple of wusses. Heh.

So, we live on the north side of Adams on 9th. There's a house on the south side of Adams on 8th that has played their stereo so loudly that we can almost hear the words. It pisses us off. A lot. But we haven't done anything about it because we're worried that if we call the police on people too much in the beginning, we'll feel bad about bugging them when it's actually bad, like the people in this apartment building playing their music that loudly. (Plus, the bass carries really well underground, apparently, so music that seems loud down here isn't as loud out on the street.)

So tonight they're playing their music super loud again, with their door open again, and I can almost hear the words again; and I put on my shoes and my jacket and went for a little walk to see what the heck was going on. I walked down Adams to 8th and crossed the street and then walked by their house. They were playing some football video game. I went right up to the door and leaned into their living room, but neither of them could hear me say "HELLO??" because the music was deafening.

So I slammed their door. I made their windows rattle. I slammed it good.

And then I started walking home. They turned on their porchlight and came outside and I turned around and said "I have to work at SEVEN tomorrow." The music was still on so loudly that they couldn't hear me even then. I yelled "I HAVE TO WORK AT SEVEN TOMORROW MORNING. IF YOU CAN'T TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN, AT LEAST HAVE THE COURTESY OF KEEPING YOUR DOOR SHUT." They said "sorry!" a couple of times, and asked where I lived, but I walked away.

And then when I got in the house I shook for a good five minutes. :D

Turns out Cory called the police while I was out there, but now they won't know where the house is because the guys turned their music down really far and closed the door.

But I'm still proud of myself. At least I know I can hold my own with strangers if I have a problem. Admittedly, that was kind of a stupid and impulsive way of handling it, but I've never done it before (and probably won't ever again)!
Tags: drama
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