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...Well, today I came home and found that the phone cord that runs from the kitchen jack to my room is now gone too. That makes a grand total of three things stolen from me in two days. I went to work to ask Angie if she knew anything about it and she pretty much admitted that she had done it, but she gave no reason and wouldn't talk to me about it. I'm still not going to talk to her about it. That would be like me lowering myself to their level, and I do NOT want to do that. I refuse to make them happy. Meantime, I'm almost afraid to go home because I don't want to be cornered into something. Why am I such a sissy? How can these people, who are so plainly inferior to me, still be capable of making me afraid of them? One of my biggest faults I think is letting people walk all over me because I can't understand why they don't like me. In this case though, my misunderstanding is warranted because I really haven't done anything wrong, and certainly not anything as bad as "making" them steal my things... and you should have seen the look on her face when I asked her about it at work... she smiled at me, partly gloating because I asked her, and I know the other part is the evil whatever that lives in her... it makes me so sad. I feel so sorry for her. She told me a few weeks ago how just about every friend she has does something to hurt her, or stops talking to her, or something. At first I was sorry that she made friends like that, but now I see that it's pretty much her fault. Poor thing.
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