Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I decided at the last minute to go up to Portland today. So I left at 10:30 with the papasan and some yarn and had a nice afternoon with solteronita. We went to Giuseppe's for some cheap pasta (Cory helped me eat my leftovers for dinner) and then we went to Yarn Garden and to Starbucks on Hawthorne and had some conversation. It was nice to catch up, even though we talk on AIM all the time so we really didn't have much new information for each other. BUT! Nicoal brought me back a cute little bottle of Nicaraguan rum! It's still in the glove box so I can't try it yet (Cory has the car). Oh well. Wine will do.

I went to Dad's house after I dropped Nicoal off and he wasn't there, so I went across the street to the neighbor's house to call his cell and figure out whether he was coming back. (I'd dropped by for awhile when I got into town and said I'd be back). I ran the risk of getting cornered by that neighbor and having to talk for an hour, which happened, but mostly because I had a nice 15 minute break where she answered the phone and had a nice conversation with the person. It was kind of rude.

So I'm home, and Cory's working late so I'm going to work on editing the captions for our photo albums. Yeehaw.

I wonder if 939 is OK.
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