Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I had a couple of weird customers.

The first one was a woman who comes in all the time with her elderly mother. She's pretty severely mentally handicapped - I've never heard her talk, but she makes little high-pitched "Yooo!" sounds sometimes. Today she was apparently upset or something - she came up to the counter on the way out and opened up a pie and dug her hand into it. We had to yell for her mom to pay attention to her, and made her pay for it. :)

The second one was a woman who couldn't decide what she wanted, so she dangled her keys from her lanyard onto her fingers and asked her "pendulum" what she should have. It told her chicken salad and black bean soup, apparently. She was telling me about how it was giving her mixed signals and stuff. Then she came back and told me that the soup wasn't warm enough. (She put a ton of refrigerated sour cream into it so that probably helped.) She told me that beans develop ptomaine if it's not warm enough, and that she was worried she'd get poisoned. I said "well, I'll give you something else if you'd like" but she liked how it tasted, so she told me she trusted the universe, and she'd eat it if I microwaved it a little. But she got my name just in case she had to "call me from the hospital tomorrow." :D
Tags: new morning
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