Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

My CNN/ Netscape home page had a big headline on it when I opened it up earlier. It said "Giant cloud of ash erupts from Mt St Helens." When I read the article, it said "one researcher called it a hiccup." I'm not sure how we can go from giant to hiccup. (Yeah, the cloud went up about 10,000 feet, but I'm comparing it to 1980 here.)

My eardrums are shaking because of the neighbor's bass. It hurts.

Today I went to Salem and played with my aunt. We went to Tin Tin Buffet and had Chinese food. We went to Target and I got a Halloween shirt. We went to Party Depot and didn't get anything. We went to the Halloween store and Stac got an air cannon. It's pretty neat. We scared the cats with it.

Then we went and saw my other aunt, and chatted with her and with Mom, who called. News about Mom: she starts chemo on Monday, and will have no hair left by the 17th. So I need to start thinking about making more hats for Mom. Poor thing. :(

La la la. Off to see a movie, I think. But first, coffee.
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