Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm so bad. Look at me, reading LJ but not writing in it. I must contribute!

We saw RENT on Friday. It was very good. A little shaky at the beginning but the music was good, the voices were good, and I liked it. The only trouble is that Cory and I are getting to be the age where the story isn't as attractive as it once was. It's all about bohemians and starving artists and following your dreams and not having a job and being gay and having AIDS. :D But I still love the music.

Saturday I worked late so I went with Cory to his site for his ecology class. It tried to rain and spiders tried to eat us. But we're still alive.

Sunday.. oh yeah, that was yesterday. I went to work, and then went out with my coworker Zoe and her roommate Abby to get coffee. It was the first time I've ever gone out with someone other than Cory (or visiting friends) since I moved here. It was awesome to be able to get out! Hopefully they like me enough to want to hang out again - I had fun.

And Joel also got here yesterday afternoon. He's on his way down to the Bay Area again, moving from Portland, and he's going to stick around for a little while, I think.

Today I worked and I went up to Albany to return some textbooks to LBCC (I thought I was going to have to wait in a huge long line but there were only two people ahead of me!) and now I'm trying to decide whether to do some math so I can go and do a stupid activity at the Benton Center. I don't want to. I want to make turkey and stuffing and mashed taters and eat 'em.
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