Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Weekend weekend la la la...

Saturday night was awful. Sort of. I worked 9-5, which was fine, and then I had homework and I had to make Cory call all the stores in the land looking for the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown DVD which my oldies had to watch on Sunday. I finally found it at Borders right down the street. Yay for not having to go all the way to Lebanon Wal-Mart.

Oh yes, and at work I dressed in my now-too-tight-in-the-arms pioneer girl costume, which I've worn almost every year since Mom made it for me when I was 18. I'm ready for a new costume, thanks. (I'm actually going to cut the bodice off and use the skirt - I can use it for more than just a pioneer costume that way.) I hosted the Park Place Halloween party, which was a success considering that I had no time to plan it. Go me.

When Cory and I got back from our Borders jaunt, there were a lot of college boys outside our apartment building. They were yelling and screaming and laughing and talking about being drunk and high and stuff. And not noticing us as we tried to get past them to get to our freaking door. We heard more of them come up when we were in our apartment, and their yelling was pretty loud, and then they all left.

That night we turned on the fan to drown out any noise they'd make when they came home, and I'm glad we did because I talked to the girl above us and over one the next day, and she said she had to call the cops at 4am because the now-very-drunk boys were upstairs fighting and she thought they were going to come through the ceiling. She said she went up there to tell them to be quiet and they got in her face like they were going to kick her ass. Nobody who actually LIVED in the apartment was there. They were all just random guys. Jeez. At least it's nice to know that someone else in the building doesn't mind calling the cops.

Yesterday was my last day at New Morning Bakery. I worked 12-close, but I left ten minutes before we closed because it was so dead and we'd finished almost all the chores. It was quite a difference from the line out the door that I happened upon when I got there at noon. I was the only person wearing anything festive, and that was sad. But that's OK.

And now I'm an office worker once again. I get evenings and weekends off. Yay for me!!

Today I must:
Pay rent
Get a copy of the rental agreement
Mention the boys having fights upstairs on Saturday night (to establish a precedence of "the neighbors are unbearable, we're going to break our lease and you can't charge us for it")
Go to the craft store to get some supplies (I have two crafts to choose from today - I should decide which one I want to do pretty quick)
Workie workie (exercise at 11:30, crafts at 2, book another band hopefully)
Come home and do homework
Maybe bake a pumpkin pie

OK. Must go make Cory a sandwich to take to work with him. And have some breakfast because my tummy hurts.
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