Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I tried to take Remmy's bandage off this morning just before I went to work, and the tape was sticking to her fur, so I decided I was going to take her to the vet after all. So I made an appointment for 3pm and asked Lynn if I could have an hour or two off. (Well, I asked her first and then made the appointment.)

So I grabbed Remmy just before 3 and we went to the vet.
First, they took the bandage off and took her temperature and weighed her.
Then the vet came in and took a look at it. She shaved the hair around the pad and cleaned it up with wipes. I looked at it after she cleaned it (and after I got up the courage) and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It's about a dime-sized flap of thick skin that was cut almost off - it was being held by maybe a quarter or half inch of skin to the rest of the pad.

The first plan of action was to inject her pad with some kind of numbing... stuff. The vet said she got injected with it before and it stings really really bad, so if Remmy couldn't take it, she said, they couldn't put stitches into it. Well, Remmy couldn't take it. She jerked around so much that they decided to just put staples into it.

Staples were hard to watch, too. Poor baby. She got three staples. The first one she yelped and tried to get away, but the vet tech had the front half of her and her head, and I had her back feet to keep her from bunny-kicking the vet. The second one she didn't move but she whined. The third one she kicked and struggled and yelped so much that we let go of her and let her rest for a minute.

Then came the time for the bandage to go on. And when they put too much pressure on it, Remmy actually snapped at them. She's never snapped before, not since she was a puppy. It must have hurt horribly.

Anyway, she's got an anti-inflammatory, an antibiotic, and an old IV drip bag with a plastic tie to put around her paw and the bandage when she goes outside. And she's not allowed to have any exercise for 14 days. They want her to only go outside on a leash. She doesn't know how to poop on-leash. Poor baby.
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