Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night we changed Remmy's bandage and Cory got to see what the injury looked like. It looks pretty good, actually. Remmy was a little annoyed that we were messing with it, but it was nice to get a clean white bandage on there, even if it's not nearly as pretty as the vet's bandage was. Oh well.

And then this morning Remmy was back to her old self, trying to pull me to the park and then trying to run and jump. With more than a week until she can get those staples out (and also until she's allowed to run), this means we're going to have a rough time in the next several days, trying to keep her from running out there while she's supposed to be pooping.

Today I go out to lunch with my seniors. Or probably about four of them. We're going to Mexican food. I hope it's not too spicy for their stomachs - they wanted to go, so it's not my fault. :D
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