Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's kind of funny what a visitor can do to your house, before they even get there.

At just after 9 solteronita told me she was coming.

Now it's almost noon, and I've done the following:

*Loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters, swept the floor in the kitchen.
*Cleaned the mirror, sink, litter box, and floor in the bathroom
*Vacuumed the entire living room and down the hall, including the edges with the crevice tool, and the couch.
*Cleaned up all the clutter in the living room - there were piles of papers everywhere. (I didn't do much with those - just threw away the trash and made neater piles on shelves.)
*Swept the laundry room, the entryway on this level, vacuumed the stairs up to the front door, swept the front entryway, swept the front porch. (They're common areas, and lots of people track in dirt - I think I'm the only person who's cleaned it since we moved here. I did it when we first moved in last spring/summer, and then again today.)

I even did my hair and got dressed so I wouldn't be scary when Nicoal gets here.

Yay for productivity! I feel good.

Now I will go dust. And maybe tonight I'll hang the rest of the pictures which have just been sitting on the floor in the hallway alcove collecting dust.
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