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Nicoal came today!

We went to Evergreen and had some Indian buffet. I always take people there because Cory doesn't like Indian. Heh.

Then we walked around downtown. We went to the yarn shop and it was really busy in there. I want to own a crochet yarn shop, with no knit stuff anywhere. In the "crochet corner" of the yarn store there was a pretty red scarf made with Solomon's Knot stitches. I just did a string of them and they're pretty easy except for trying to keep the big loops the same size. I might have to make a similar scarf.

Yay for tangents.

So after we walked around and looked at crocheted things in the import store and sat on a couch or two at Inkwell Home Store, we walked home in a little downpour.

Then we went all over the world trying to find a suitable ottoman to replace the papasan footstool which I haven't given to Nicoal yet, even though she has the papasan. I almost got into an accident in the Target parking lot. We didn't find a suitable ottoman, after all that work, but it was fun to window shop, and laugh at the weird things at Ross.

Nicoal went home at about the same time I went to pick Cory up from work. Now I'm trying to get warm, because this room is freezing. (I opened the windows earlier when I was cleaning and all hot and sweaty and the sun was out.)

I'm thinking about becoming a certified crochet instructor. I don't know if it's worth the money. I don't know how to do the afghan stitch, though, or tunisian crochet, so I have to learn those first. Must find an afghan hook somewhere. I've been interested in learning stuff like that - maybe I should make a sampler afghan or something so I can get some practice. But even if I become certified, I don't know if anybody in Corvallis wants to learn how to crochet. Heh.

I'm sleepy. Perhaps I'll crochet a little, and then go read my new book (Wicked by Gregory Maguire) until my husband gets home.