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Feb. 23rd, 2005

It's such a gorgeous day. If it were five degrees warmer it would be perfect. Of course then it'd be too hot out in the sunshine. It's just chilly right here in front of the computer.

Took Cory to work and then went to Costco to get my prescription filled and to buy some muffins and frozen chicken breasts and frozen burritos. I got home and opened up the muffins, and took a big bite of an apple muffin. It tasted rather weird. I figured they just didn't mix it up very well, and I tried another bite. And then I realized why it tasted so bad. It was a BANANA muffin! Gross!

I wish I had a big backyard. I'd go lay out in the grass. Instead I'll eat a burrito for lunch and maybe lay out on the floor in a patch of sunshine. And maybe I'll look for jobs somewhere in there too. :)