Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We had quite a nice evening last night. When Cory got home I had dinner almost done, and after dinner we got gas and then I drove out to the beach. We stopped in Newport to play with the dog in front of a strip of oceanfront motels that shine their lights out on the beach at night so we could see. Remmy found a huge stick and tried her best to bring it with her when she followed us, but it was so heavy that she started whimpering and almost howling when she couldn't lift it. It was pretty funny. Cory started feeling better once we hit the beach (he was stressed out from working all day) and he had a good time running around and playing. At one point we found a big flock of what I think were sandpipers, and they ran so smoothly across the sand that they looked like waves reflecting the light. I wish i'd gotten a picture of them, but it was so dark nothing showed up. Case in point:

Then we walked back up the staircase to the parking lot and it made my poor legs hurt. I'm such an out-of-shape wimp. Heh.

And then we drove down to Yachats to The Landmark, which Dad said was the only bar in town but we parked in front of another bar across the street. We got there right when "Dad's" band was supposed to start their set but Dad still had time to hug me before they started. And we sat and drank $4 pints of beer and listened to Dad play the bass. After a bit over an hour they took a break and Dad and his friend came down and sat with us for a couple of minutes. 'Twas nice to talk to him. I think he really is sorry he and I didn't talk for so long. I took off my glasses to clean them and he reached out and touched my cheek and said "isn't she just so cute? You're a lucky guy, Cory." It was sweet.

And then I drove us home, after Dad went back up on stage. They were playing until 1am and we didn't want to stick around that long. So Cory slept part of the way while I drove, and we got home at midnight and went to bed. It was really nice to be in bed, I tell ya. Except for this morning when Remmy got off her corner and it was covered in sand.

And now Cory's at work and I'm here again. I'm going to go grocery shopping, and that's going to be so much fun. Whoopee.
Tags: trips
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