Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Ah, the grocery store. I got almost everything I needed for a new recipe I'm going to try. I'm excited.

On my way in with six bags of groceries, the little boy (I think he's probably 6) who lives upstairs was holding the front door open, waiting for his mom to come downstairs. Three or four college kids were coming out, and they just kind of looked at him and didn't say anything. When they moved, I went through the doorway and said "thank you!" to him. He kind of paused for a second, and said "you're welcome!" in a little quiet voice. I came inside and put some groceries away, and then went outside again for the pop that I didn't have enough hands to bring in before. The boy was out there with his mom getting buckled into the car, and I heard him say "there's the girl who said thank you to me! That girl in the pink shirt!" :D I think that even a stranger can teach you things, like how good it feels when someone tells you thank you, and that's why you should do it to other people.

And now I shall go to Safeway to get the last ingredient or two for dinner. Cooking it is going to take awhile, I think. But first, a yogurt. Oh shoot, and I have to take Remmy out too.
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