Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday was Cory's work day. Or, it was supposed to be. But he kept putting it off and putting it off, and then after dinner we were in the middle of a bad movie and he said "let's go get a drink!" So we went to AJ's and had a drink. But there was no good pub food there so we decided to go find another pub that had better appetizers. We got almost all the way to Fox & Firkin and changed our minds about going. We went past McMenamins 'cause we weren't in the mood for that either. We decided to see if there was anything good on campus, and even though there were perfectly OK places we ended up just walking. And walking and walking and walking. Through Greek Row, past where Cory used to live, around the edge of campus, and then through campus to go home. It was a very nice walk. Very long. And if my belly wasn't hurting from eating too much alfredo with asparagus, I would have had an even better time.

And so today is Cory's REAL work day. It should be mine too - I need to get some math done. I will later. I promise.
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