Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Had kind of a busy day, for an unemployed loser. I updated information at the Employment Department, found four jobs that I might do well at from the State of Oregon and did most of the application materials for that (they're pretty involved - it's a good screening process, I think - they never hear from anyone who doesn't like answering supplemental questions), sent a resume to HP so Dad doesn't keep "suggesting" I do so, wrote a couple of cover letters, sent a W9 to, cleaned and vacuumed the living room, and groomed Remmy's paws a little as they were looking pretty shaggy. I feel pretty good about how it went. Next I think I might have to do some more math. I'm almost done - I only have two quizzes left to do online, and then one test to do at school. I just have to do it by next week, 'cause it's dead week this week.

Cory's last class for this term is on Monday, so he's going to take Thursday and Friday of next week off. That'll be nice for him.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to be as productive as possible in finding a job. I know how disappointed Cory is when he comes home to an unemployed wife, especially when he's working so hard right now. Can't have that, now can we?

It's muggy today. Patchy clouds and little sunbreaks here and there, with enough warmth for me to have the windows open. I like feeling the breeze come in, and I love the way all the basement and dog smells go away.

Tonight, if I have time, I shall take cans back to the grocery store and donate some stuff to Goodwill. I have a pile hiding in the closet that needs to go away. (It won't completely go away, because the base of the pile is Nicoal's footstool, which I have to find a way to get to her soon.)

I want to go up to Portland. I wonder if next week is feasible. Probably not, since that keeps me away from looking for jobs, and it wastes gas.
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