Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I am officially saying goodbye to my favorite old pair of sandals. They were cute little strappy things that I bought at Payless Shoes ages ago - probably in 1999 or 2000, black straps and a brown sole. I wore them all over Minnesota - in fact I think after Mike and I broke up and I started hanging out at Naked Beach with Kate, I wore them every day. I wore them home from Minnesota when Nicoal and I got stranded in Boseman. They got to see geysers at Yellowstone on my honeymoon. I'd put 'em away every fall and then get 'em out every spring when the weather got nice again. They went with everything and I loved them. Unfortunately, it always takes a while for me to get used to the way the straps bite into my feet. I've always been patient with them and have worn them even though they gave me blisters (and then broke the blisters and gave me little sores) for the first couple of weeks. But today when I got them out again and wore them, they gave me my last blister. They're not as nice-looking as they once were, and they still hurt. So they're going to a better place. Goodbye, sandals!

On a slightly happier note, I got called in for an interview! It's on Tuesday. I'm not as excited as I could be, but I'm more excited than I would be if I wasn't. :D (I'd rather have one of the state jobs I just applied for.) There are only 3 people in the office! Eep! So I'm one of ten people called in for an interview out of 40 or 50, she said.
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