Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Twice a day, we take Remmy out to the park to go potty and play fetch. This park really isn't much of a park, it's more just a little patch of grass that's maybe half a block wide by a block long, with a pile of old railroad stuff (rails, spikes, etc) in one corner. The other half of the block is a gravel area that college kids have been using as a parking lot since it's pretty close to campus. Remmy played at this park for as long as Cory and I have lived here, which is just about a year, and then she played there when Cory lived on 5th street a few blocks away, which is where he was living when I met him. So we've gone to this park almost every single day for three years.

On one end of the gravel parking area, there's a super old two-storey building that's all boarded up and on stilts. It was never in good shape, not since we can remember. I'm thinking it must have been part of the train station, as that's where the old train station was in the 1800s. (In fact, in the 1800s Corvallis was predicted to become the biggest city in Oregon because of the prominence of the train station.)

Last month we noticed there was a flyer in front of the old building on stilts. It had some legal mumbo jumbo about a community meeting to decide what was going to happen to the gravel parking area. On Saturday, caution tape was put up around the entire parking lot (though not around the grass, thank goodness). And when I came home just now I saw workers putting the big building on wheels to take it away.

I'm sad. I like that building. If they get rid of my grass too, I'll be very disappointed.
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