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My important duties for today are all done.

This morning I woke up early and went with Cory to the dentist, where they replaced a filling that had fallen out. (Turns out it was a temporary filling and the appointment that Cory missed awhile back was to replace it.) He came out all numb, with three new appointments for May. We ran to Starbucks and I tried their caramel mocha, and it made me pee a lot. (I haven't had coffee in awhile, heh)

Then I took Cory to work and came home to do some research on Carson Oil Company. They have a website with enough information for me to look like I knew stuff, so I wrote it down.

Then I took the half hour trek to Albany next, and had the interview. I think it went really really well. I was well-spoken, gave lots of examples to prove my points, and asked a lot of questions about the company and my role in it. They seemed to like me, and I liked them. So I'll find out on Friday how it went.

Then after a little down time back at home, I took Remmy to the vet to get her anal glands expressed. Poor thing scooted twice on the way to the vet. Hopefully now she'll feel a bit more comfortable when we're out at the park after she poops, and she won't be such a spitfire.

And now I'm home. Yay for home.