Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Happy Easter!

Yesterday I took Cory to work and then drove up to Portland in the rain. Nicoal and I hung out at Chance of Rain Cafe for a little while and then went back to her place to meet Erin. And then the three of us chatted and went to India Oven for lunch and walked around in the rain some more. My jacket got soaked through. We had a really nice visit.

Then I went to Dad's and met Grandma there, and Haley showed up a few minutes afterwards. We went to Rheinlander for dinner, and Grandma had the waiters sing happy birthday to Haley and I, which was a bit embarrassing. Oh well. Then we went back and talked some more and I avoided getting bitten by Dad's african grey parrot (he doesn't like me for some reason). Then I went home in the rain and hydroplaned on 205 and saw a possum next to the dumpster when I pulled up in front of our apartment. He was ugly. He stared at me.

Then I had a dream that I had really long chest hair and it was embarrassing.

Then I woke up rolled up in a little ball with the dog lying lengthways just under me, her tail towards me and her head towards the foot of the bed. And then there were 4 or 5 inches between her nose and the foot of the bed. She really took over last night!

And then we went to Safeway and got fruit and then I made fruit salad, and in an hour we will head up to Salem, where we shall have Easter time with Mom's side of the family (sans Mom). Haley and her boyfriend will be there too.
Tags: dreams
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