Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yesterday we went to Tia's house and were there for only about four hours. I crocheted the whole time. I made Haley a hat so she would quit taking mine. We ate a late enough lunch that I wasn't hungry for the rest of the night, which was nice. We had a leisurely evening at home and now it's stupid Monday again. Boo Monday.

Today marks the start of super busy month, basically. Well, it'll be more like super duper busy couple of years, but this week Cory starts his two classes, and then next week he'll be going to Orlando for his work conference. I'll have to think of a good project to do that'll take a week so I don't miss him as much.

It's hard not having a job when Cory's so busy. I try to just keep house really well, and make sure dinner is ready for him and that sort of thing, but I know he still feels like I just don't understand.

I started knitting a drop stitch scarf last night, too. I think I might start playing around with knitting a little more. I get annoyed that so many cute patterns are knitted patterns.

Where did the sun go? It was bright this morning when I woke up (in fact I think that's WHY I woke up) but it's all gone now. Now I can hardly see in here. (Yay for basement apartments.)
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