Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The pope finally died. Poor thing - I bet he's wanted to go ever since he got sick and had to have that tube down his throat.

I'm spending my first few hours of alone time straightening up. Somehow it's more fun cleaning when you know nobody but you is going to be messing it up until next week. Heh. The bedroom had clothes everywhere (they were clean, but for some reason neither of us like putting them away) so now they're in dressers and closet.

I'm trying to decide what kinds of projects I want to do this week. So far I have:

Straighten the pictures on the picture wall
Hang the kitchen curtain (the rod is kind of balancing on the mini-blind hanger bracket thingies right now)
Finish my drop-stitch scarf (how do I weave ends in in knitting?)
Maybe make a skirt or two
Decide what to do with all these stupid squares

And by the way, for anybody who is in the general area, visits are welcome this week. Come see lonely old me. :D
Tags: current events
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