Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We had a really nice evening last night. We met our friends Adam and Laura at a McMenamins in south Salem. (It was one we'd never been to before, Thompson House, which was built in 1905 for a Civil War Vet.) We drank two pitchers of beer and had dinner and laughed a lot. And when we were done, we followed them to their apartment in north Kaiser. It's a nice little apartment, with vaulted ceilings and big rooms. We had ice cream and coffee and talked for almost three hours, and then it was late so we left them.

While we were there, they told us they were going to start trying for a baby in August! I'm so excited for them! They have a lot of local friends and family so they probably won't be needing us to watch the baby very often, but I hope they let us. 'Cause I think it would be good for both of us to have a chance to hang out with a baby, so we can see how well we do.

We got home just before midnight, and Cory was jumping on me at 7 this morning to wake me up. :) So we're having a slow day, watching forensic shows on Discovery Channel while I work on Remmy's Tunisian blanket and Cory works on web sites for work and school.
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