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Why am I ALWAYS at the Spakouskys' house? Grr. Now I'm watching Charity and I don't have a chance to see Mike. He picked me up at work and dropped me off here. I guess it's good for him to have a little time alone. Dustin was supposed to come from Oregon to see him, and he got to Salt Lake City but his flight was cancelled so he was waiting for the next flight, but somehow he missed the next flight so he just went back home. So Mike's not very happy, and I have to make his parents take me home. Sigh.

We had a huge discussion last night about me and us... mostly that I needed to get my butt in gear and it would make me feel better as well as make our relationship better. He didn't actually say that I needed to get my butt in gear, but I tend to be a little more mean to myself than other people. :) So first order of business: get a new job. And a car. And find some friends.
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