Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I had two rather unexpected things happen to me. One was annoying, the other was not.

The annoying thing came first. The doorbell rang just after noon and I tiptoed over to see who it was. It was some guy, and he was waving at the peephole. I opened the door and he told me he was doing a contest with some girl or something, and it was to better his public speaking skills (as in speaking to strangers), and he was going to ask me a couple of questions, each of which gave him points. Being near campus, this sort of thing legitimately happens, I think. So I played along, answered his questions (he guessed I was 21 years old, heh) and then he pulled out his brochure full of magazine subscriptions. I said no, and he started telling me about how many points he'd get if I got two subscriptions, and how he wanted to go to Europe, and all that kind of thing. But I'd already finished thinking this was fun, so I said no again and shut the door. It makes me mad when people lie so that you'll listen to them. Oh well, at least I can still say no.

The second thing was a surprise telephone interview from the operations manager of a local company that I sent my resume to on the fourth. We talked for ten or fifteen minutes, and I told her about myself; and she sounded impressed despite her dragging the "I was fired" out of me. I tried really hard not to let her hear it though. :) She said "I hope you don't hear from anybody else before you hear from me in a couple of days!" so that made me feel good. Hopefully that means I get an in-person interview with her and the president of the company. We shall see.

Tomorrow I have a skills test to take for a credit union job. I have to go to Albany for it. And then I'm going to go to Costco to pick up my prescription and some boneless skinless chicken breast.

Do YOU go to Costco? If you do, what do you buy there usually?
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