Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Remmy has been really bugging me for the last couple of days. I don't know what's up with her.

Night before last, Cory and I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and both sat on the couch together. Usually I'll sit on the couch and Cory will sit on his chair, but that night we changed it up a bit. Remmy sat on the floor in front of us and stared at us the entire time, mad that we wouldn't let her up on the couch with us where she thought she belonged. So instead she got on the bed as we did, rather than waiting until we were asleep, and lied in a very annoying spot (I ended up all crunched up and diagonal across the bed).

And then today, I was out cleaning the inside of the car and vacuuming it and stuff, since it was nice out and the spot next to the window was empty. I parked next to the window and fed the extension cord out of it and it worked nicely. Then I came in for a couple of minutes and ate half of a chocolate muffin, leaving the other half on the stool when I went back out to finish the job.

It was gone when I got back in the house. Remmy knows full well that eating people food is very very bad. So I had to whack her a bit and remind her that people food is bad. Especially chocolate. Smart move, dog.

So we went out to the big park to play, today. It was all squishy out in the grass, so I sat on the bench instead of on the blanket I'd brought; and did some crocheting while Remmy played and then sat and chewed on sticks and stuff. She found a piece of bread next to us and started eating it! I had to yell at her and whack her again. And then 20 minutes later I'd thrown the ball for her and ran out there and ATE SOMETHING ELSE! I don't know what her problem is! She gets in huge trouble every time she eats something she's not supposed to. We thought maybe we forgot to feed her this morning or something, either that or she just wants attention. Regardless, it's frustrating. Maybe I'll give her some love later and see if that helps.
Tags: remmy
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