Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I was playing with numbers this evening. And this is interesting.

We've spent 12 months here, with rent at $475/month. We've spent a total of $5700.
Our last apartment was $734/month, we were there for 21 months, equalling $15,414.
My studio apartment in NW Portland was $360/month, I was there for 10 months, total of $3600.
Cory's 5th St. apartment was about $550/month (I think) and he was there for 24 months (I think), so he paid most of $13,200 (minus some from various roommates).

That equals $37, 914. That's a third of a house. (One that costs about $113,000, anyway.) Makes me wonder how many houses people who spend their whole lives in apartments could buy. That was a badly constructed sentence.
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