Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I wore my baseball cap (and no bra) out to the park today, since I wanted Remmy to go out before I took a shower (I was worried about the chocolate muffin she ate and I didn't want her to wait too long to purge it from her intestines). I shoved my weird hair up into it and took off. And walked into a construction zone, of course. Talked to the foreman for a sec about the barriers some kids stole a couple of days ago (he came up to us the other day and asked us to keep an eye out for 'em), and counted about ten people working in various spots around the construction zone as well as some railroad guys with some weird machines. So much for nobody seeing me with no bra and a baseball cap on. Heh.

It's already gorgeous out. The sun is shining and I couldn't see my breath and all the grass and leaves and things are glistening 'cause the dew hasn't quite burnt off yet. Trout sure digs it - she's basking in the sun right now. Actually, so is Remmy. Anybody who thinks following the spot of sun on the floor all day is only a cat thing is wrong.

I want to go out and play today. It's boring to play by yourself though. Maybe I'll go back to the big fancy park across the street from campus and play with Remmy. But it was kind of squishy there yesterday evening when we went. Maybe I'll walk to Avery Park. Or drive to Bald Hill or McDonald Douglas Forest. Hmm. All sorts of places to go, but nobody fun to go with. Poo.
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