Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Didn't have the best night last night, relationship-wise. I don't remember the end of it much, except that Cory refused to tell me about the rest of his day so I said "OK, g'night" and went to sleep. He kissed me a lot before he left this morning, though, so I know he's not mad at me.

Today I have a dentist appointment. One of those where I have to get x-rayed and stuff. I don't like those very much, but they happen a lot because I keep changing dentists. If I'd thought more last week when I scheduled it, I would have asked if I could just have my old dentist send his x-rays over. Except I forget who my last dentist was. Heh.

Then I have an interview at Diamond West Lumber. They're hiring through Express for a temp-to-perm position, I believe. It'd be kind of neat to work for a lumber company, I think.

And tomorrow I have an interview at Clair Company, which does inspections of buildings and reviews plans and stuff. I think I'd rather have this job 'cause I don't really want to work through Express, and they also are going to make me work 9 hours a day. So that'll be interesting. I'm not sure how that'll work as far as overtime goes.

Must go take a shower and figure out what to do with my annoying hair. (It's like a shag, but it's not 'cause it curls around my forehead and over my ears. So it's just messy.)
Tags: job search
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