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This day is a good day, I have decided. Good teeth started it off (that and a good joking session with the dentist). And now a good interview.

The lumber company is about .6 mile off the little highway that goes between the beach and Corvallis. It's on a gravel road about halfway between here and Philomath, though it's technically in Philomath. I drove there with the vents all shut because there were big trucks coming the other way.

I parked at the end of a long line of cars in the little "parking area" which was really just grass and dirt and gravel, and hopped out of the car next to a puddle with little birds taking baths in it. It was cute.

I went in and sat for a couple of minutes, and then I had a fifteen minute talk with Patty, who told me about the position and benefits and stuff. She mentioned that the girl who was in my position before was offered a higher position, and while she figures out if the job is a good fit, I get to take over for the lower position. But if it's not a good fit, she gets my position back. She's pretty sure this girl can handle her new position just fine, but she had to tell me up front that this job could be temporary. I should get hired on, though, I'm not too worried about it.

So we had a nice talk and then I left, and sang along to Elton John on the radio on the way back home.

There was a message on my machine when I got back, from Express, saying they wanted to hire me.

So I have a job!! Finally!

There's only one slightly annoying part. I have another interview tomorrow. I'd rather have this other job because it's a bit more hours (9 a day), and it'd be more challenging for me. So I'm going to go to the interview and let them know that I have this other temp job, and that I'd rather work with them (especially if the pay is better!), but I have to have any second interview after work hours at this job. Hopefully they can deal with that. We shall see. I do know that I can do everything at the lumber company that they want me to do, so if I'm worried about whether I can learn everything at this other company, I have a fallback.

So starting Monday, I won't be home all day. I won't get to watch Little House on the Prairie anymore. :D
Tags: diamond west, job search
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