Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The weekend went by really fast. I guess compared to the last time I had off, it was. :)

On Saturday morning I drove to Rickreall to meet my aunt Stacy, my Grandma, and my cousin Zach. Stacy wants a new kitten or two, and my friend Erin's grandparents have a barn cat that had a litter on Easter Sunday. (The barn cat is Trout's mother, incidentally.)

So we held the kittens and they were cute, and very sweet despite not being held hardly at all in their lives yet. We spent about 20 minutes there chatting about the kittens and about the fact that Erin's grandparents and my grandma used to go to the same church. It's a small world.

My family all left after convincing me to stay and wait for Erin, who was running late. So I chatted with her grandma until Erin got there, and then we had lunch there.

After lunch and helping out with color-matching quilt squares for Erin, I excused myself and drove up to Portland. I met up with Nicoal and we went to Clackamas Promenade so we could go to Old Navy and Cost Plus. I bought a tunic and a plate. I looove the tunic. It's so comfy.

Then we went to a burrito place on Hawthorne and then went next-door for milkshakes. And then we went home, got dressed, and drove downtown to see the symphony. It was a lot of fun.

After the music, we came home and lazed about a bit, and then went to bed. I slept pretty well despite the fact that I forgot a pillow, and there were sounds that I wasn't used to. Chloe slept next to me for a little while but when I fell asleep she got up and went to Nicoal.

In the morning we lazed about again, and then went to Mt Tabor Cafe on Hawthorne for breakfast. It was good. And cheap. And then I packed up and went to Dad's house for a bit.

Dad and I didn't really do much either. We showed each other websites and stuff, and looked at a movie that he has for a few minutes; and then I had to go and so did he. (He was going to Eugene.)

Drove at a good clip (read: 80) on the way down until I hit Keizer and the check engine light went on. It scared me so I went close to the speed limit the rest of the way home. I think it just needs a tune-up.

And then I went on a short cleaning rampage until Mike got here for dinner. We went to the Chinese restaurant and then to the video store, where we rented Citizen Kane. I'd never seen it before, but I knew the ending, which I didn't know was the ending until people in the movie started saying "who's Rosebud?" to each other. Heh.

And now it's Monday. And I have to organize some chinese food and load the dishwasher before I go, so I'd better hurry.
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