Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

When I started dating Cory, and realized how great he was compared to Mike, I reveled in it. It was just so weird to think that I stayed in a stupid relationship because I thought I needed a boyfriend, and then all of a sudden I saw how good a relationship could be. That's the way work is for me. I feel so relaxed and happy there, and I'm sorry that I didn't quit PP earlier, since it was so awful.

I forgot to mention that yesterday a truck driver broke his ankle. I wonder how many injuries happen in the mill every year. I imagine it's kind of dangerous if you don't know what you're doing or if you're careless.

Today I looked out the back window (it looks out over our cars and a little pond that is there just in case of fire) and saw a herd of geese hanging out on the bank. One of 'em had about a half dozen goslings following her around. It was cute. I also saw Walter, who is a male duck who's lived in the pond since like 1999. Our log buyer kept asking "where's Walter? I hope he's not dead!" yesterday, and I thought he was talking about a person. Hahaha.

I like that it's still light out. It makes me feel like the evening is longer, and that I didn't leave work super late.
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