Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What a short weekend I just had! I cram-packed every second.

Got up at 7 on Saturday. Cory was still asleep, so I packed and got dressed and was pretty much ready by the time he woke up. We took Remmy to the park and then we walked to Starbucks; and then I got going up north.

Got to Rickreall on time and spent several minutes trying to find all the kittens, who had scattered when they heard us coming. Of course, the one who I needed was the hardest to catch. But I caught her and we stuck her and my aunt's kitten in a carrier and drove to Salem, where we dropped them off at Stacey's house so we could go eat breakfast.

After the french toast and eggs and sausage, I grabbed the kitten again and drove up to solteronita's house, and got in her car so she could drive to her parents' house. We spent an hour or so there, chatting with her parents and feeling sorry for the poor kitten who'd never been away from her brothers and sisters or mom and was now hiding as far away from anybody as she could.

Then we went to Lloyd Center and shopped. I finally got Dansko clogs, which I'm still breaking in so I'm taking a little rest from them since they hurt the tops of my arches still. We spent quite a bit of time at Lloyd Center, and by the time we were done it was time for dinner.

So dinner was at Hoda's, a middle-eastern restaurant. I had a sampler with tabouli and hummus and baba ganouje (no clue how to spell it) and some kind of lamb skewer thing. 'Twas good.

After dinner I drove to Dad's house and we watched Best in Show and Spinal Tap, neither of which Dad liked all that much, I don't think. He's not the kind of guy who laughs out loud at movies, so I couldn't tell. And then it was bedtime. I slept in the spare room which is tropical-themed, with orangy walls and palm trees on everything.

In the night I dreamed that I liked the guy who plays Kramer on Seinfeld. He and I were walking along a boardwalk and watching people, and holding hands. He dropped me off at the little dorm thing I lived in with a couple of other girls, and I went in; and decided I needed to ask him to stay at my place for a little longer. So I went out the door, and was passed by Nicoal. She said "this is going to be embarrassing!" to me as she ran by, and when she got to Kramer, she got down on her knees in front of everybody and said "Will you spend the night with me?" He said sure, and they walked off together and I was mad at her for beating me.

Sunday morning I woke up at 7 again (I forgot to set my alarm, so it's a good thing I did it myself). Dad got up shortly after and we went to Janszen Beach to a floating home community to have breakfast. One of his friends lives in a 650-square-foot house. Some other people showed up (I barely knew anybody, but that's OK) and after we ate we all sat around in a circle on the floating deck and sang along to Dad and his friend who played guitars. It was comfortable until it started raining a bit.

Dad took me back to my car and then I drove to Nicoal's house, and picked her up and took her to Beau Thai, where we met rini. We had a good lunch, and then we walked around in NW Portland. I'd forgotten how boring it really is down there. Oh well - it's good to know for next time.

After we parted ways and I took Nicoal home, I went to my friend Amy's house. She'd worked a 12-hour graveyard shift and so she didn't wake up when I knocked the first couple of times, or when I called her from a pay phone in front of a convenience store half a mile away. Luckily she woke up when I went back and tried knocking again.

Amy and I went to Starbucks, and then back to her house to chat, and then to Olive Garden for dinner. And then we went for a 3 or 4 mile walk as it was getting dark, which was very nice. We caught up on a lot of stuff, and hopefully she'll take the time to come down and visit me next, or at the very least keep in contact with me. We shall see.

And then I got home at 11 last night and am back to the daily grind. This weekend is a 3-day weekend and I need to think about whether we're going to do anything. I guess it depends on Cory.
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