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The temperature sign down the road says it's 85. Or it did when I went by after lunch today. It's breezy, though, which is nice, except for all the dust. We're at the end of a gravel road, and there's tons of gravel all over the place - except there isn't a lot of gravel left and it's more just dirt. Which is turning into dust now that it's sunny out, and the dust is blowing all over the place. On my walk with my boss this morning I came back with gritty teeth. My printer is under the window and it has a layer of grit on it (that can't be good for it). And every night when I go home I have brown boogers.

I feel bad for the guys who have to work out in the mill - hot day, hot machinery, sun beating down on some of 'em, and most of them have to wear long sleeves or heavy leather aprons to protect themselves from the wood they're constantly handling.

I guess I'm lucky I'm an office girl.