Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yay for the beach!

We left here at 7am and got to the beach at 8. It was cold and windy - not at all what we expected, but we brought jackets so at least we weren't freezing.

After a short walk on the beach, we ran to Fred Meyer because we were really hungry. We got sourdough bread and some sharp cheddar cheese, and then went back to the beach and sat in the sand to eat. Then of course we hit up Starbucks, and had a look at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I think the next time I go there will be with kids - it's not as much fun to go by ourselves.

And then we had lunch at one of the two Rogue breweries in Newport. We were lucky and got a seat at the window overlooking the harbor, and we watched people playing in their boats.

Then it was home again - already 2pm. I changed into shorts and started weeding our "yard." We live on the corner, and outside the building is just dirt - no grass or anything. Probably a bit of really old bark dust, but that's it. And then these massive weeds. Luckily the really huge ones were easy to pull out and get the roots, but some of the others were really hard - I don't have any gardening tools because we don't have any outside space that's ours, but I found a huge nail/stake thing that I used to poke at the dirt so it'd let go of the roots. I spent probably three hours out there and I'm barely halfway done. I ended up stopping because we were getting some major gusts of wind and I was getting blown over. I also got an injury - I got poked by a rosebush right in the middle finger, and it bled pretty good. Now it's just swollen and has a little puncture spot surrounded by a little bruise. Oops.

After I came inside and ate dinner, I fell asleep during a commercial. I think I slept for two hours. Oops. So now of course Cory's in bed and I'm awake. But I bet if I took another allergy pill it'd help me conk out again - I need one anyway.

Two more days of weekend! Yay!
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