Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's annoying that the copy machine isn't working. I have a lot of projects on hold because I can't make copies. The technician called while I was at the post office and was apparently kind of rude on the phone, like he didn't want to come out and fix the machine. It's your job, Mr. Technician. Sorry.

It's funny that I can be out in the middle of the office and still feel like I'm all by myself. The back room has three desks in it and two people chatting. There are two offices on the other side of the building that have people chatting in them. And here I am all alone. :) It's not that bad, but sometimes it kind of makes me sad that I have such a hard time even chatting with people I don't know very well. These people are people I know pretty well, but not well enough for anyone to feel like coming here to talk to me. And yes, I've put forth effort too. I guess I have a stand-offish exterior or something. I've had this problem for ages and ages, and I'm pretty sure it's why I have no friends in Corvallis. Even if other people are willing (which they don't appear to be, really), I find reasons why I don't like them (usually it has something to do with intelligence). I think the last good friend I made is rini, and the rest of my friends are either old friends from school or Cory's old friends. Oh well. It's not like I'd love to hang out with people all the time anyway. I like my quiet little life right now.
Tags: self-reflection
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