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Same days, different years...

Four years ago, I ended my old journal ("oranor") and started this one. I was also on my way to the west coast to visit my family. (That means it's almost been four years since Mike and I broke up, and in August it'll be four years since Cory and I met!)

Three years ago, I told Mom that Cory and I were planning on moving in together. She was kind of mad. But it wasn't bad because we both knew (well, all three) that Cory and I were going to get married.

Two years ago, I ran at the Starlight Run before the parade. That was the last time I ran a 5k. It's never fun getting yelled at by parade-goers because I'm not running fast enough.

Last year, I was sick and had horrible allergies. And then I cleaned the carpet, which seemed to help a bit.