Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today in-between scanning pictures and being generally lazy, we ran downtown to Blackledge Furniture, where we bought our mattress set, and bought a frame. Remmy really likes enclosed spaces, and when we bought bed lifter thingies a couple of years ago Remmy adored it - she slept underneath the bed all summer where it was cooler. Then we bought our new mattress and in the excitement the saleslady forgot to sell us the frame (I asked her, but when it came time to exchange money it'd slipped her mind), so it's been sitting on the floor since then. Which is OK, because the mattress is THICK. It ended up being about as tall by itself as the old bed on the old frame.

So this afternoon we brought the frame home, put it together, and put it on its little stilts. Because this bed is larger than our full-sized one, it came with a cross-bar; so we had to put books and a brick underneath it. When we got it all set up Remmy came running in and the first thing she did was crawl underneath it.

Trout didn't care much except she likes that she doesn't have to jump so far to get up on the windowsill (you can see her on the left edge of the picture below).

So now the bed is gigantic. It takes a bit of climbing to get up onto it. When I sit on the edge of it, my feet rest comfortably on the footstool at the bottom right of the picture. Remmy, of course, can't get up on it unless she gets a running start. So we took the Rubbermaid thing that I keep the blankets in and put it where the footstool was so she can use it as a stepladder. It's going to take her some getting used to - we had to teach her and I'm not sure she remembers now.

And that was the extent of our excitement today.
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