Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We went to Enchanted Forest today!

Several people on my friends' list at least know of it, and have probably been there. For those of you who don't know, Enchanted Forest was built by some random guy in a few acres south of Salem; and it's old and musty-smelling and hokey, and I love it. I don't know why. It's just neat.

When you first walk in and through a castle, you're on Storybook Lane. Along the way are painted concrete figures and houses with little "animatronic" characters. (You can hear the pistons working over the music and everything.) Little Miss Muffet was one of the characters. I wonder how often they have to change her wig - it can get pretty scary-looking when it's been out in the rain for a long time.

Watch out, Little Red Riding Hood! The wolf's in there!

When you go through the witch's mouth you end up inside a building with another animatronic witch singing a little song about making Snow White's poison apple.

We had to take a picture up her nose, of course.

Next up is Tofteville, the old western mining town. We were actually on the outside of the jail looking in, but we put the camera through the bars so we'd look like we were inside.

The outside of the haunted house is really pretty. And scary. Boo.

The "Pa" restroom in Tofteville.

In the Old European Village, animatronic people poke their heads out of their upstairs windows and gossip to each other.

Pinnocchio sits on the cobbler's bench (or whatever that is) and listens to Geppetto's ramblings.

A deserted street. (We like to go places as early in the day as possible so it's not busy while we're there.)

And then as I was uploading these photos, Cory remembered today is graduation day for the OSU students. So we ran to campus and took several pictures of the procession of caps and gowns. I haven't looked at the pics yet, though, so pictures may or may not be forthcoming.
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