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I just had a Subway salad - spinach with chicken. Eww. There were probably three pieces of chicken in it, and the spinach made my teeth feel weird. (Not while I was chewing, but it feels all weird when I run my tongue over them now.)

I wish I'd brought my toothbrush today!

At 4:15 I have a doctor's appointment. It'll go like this: I'll be in there for five minutes, they'll say "breathe in deeply" and they'll listen to my lungs but they won't hear anything because I don't get wheezy until it's nighttime. So they'll give me Albuterol and send me on my way and it'll be approximately 4:20 when I walk out to my car.

I guess I understand that they don't want to give me a prescription without examining me first, but I told them on the phone that I only wheeze at night, so I don't know what they think they're going to accomplish by getting me in there (besides a copay).

But I'm glad I'll be stopping the Primatene. It's pure adrenaline, and apparently people have died using it. (Granted, I think those people were jogging when they used it, which means their heart rate was up already and the adrenaline pushed it over the edge.) I expect the doctor to say "you shouldn't have used it since you don't have asthma!"

My laptop shipped today! I'll get it by Friday at the latest!