Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We saw Batman Begins last night. As yesterday was opening day, we went to get tickets at lunchtime for the 7pm show, and then got to the theater at 6pm so we could be close to the front of the line. There was no line. We came back at 6:45 after going to Starbucks and doing the crossword puzzle, and there was still no line. We ended up sharing the theater with maybe 20 other people. I love Corvallis in the summertime!

I enjoyed Batman quite a bit. All the toys weren't really my bag, but I liked how serious it was (no slapstick, no nipples on the batsuit) and how Bruce was really struggling with the difference between justice and revenge. I wasn't a fan of Katie Holmes - her mouth annoys me. (Christian Bale's does too, for that matter - he lisps a lot. It just doesn't annoy me as much as hers.)

My computer STILL hasn't shipped. I WANT.

My crochet book did though! I got it yetserday. Now as soon as I'm finished knitting my shrug, I'll start on a sweater or a tank top, I think. Whee.
Tags: crochet
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