Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Saturday Morning

Today was the last day we had to go to Les Schwab. They got our rotors in sometime last week and they took 20 minutes to install them; and we were home by just after 8:30 this morning.

Then I worked on scanning some photos (I'm almost finished scanning! Yay!) and then we took a quick trip down to the farmers' market on First Street. I've never bought anything at the market, but today I got some zucchini to make bread with (and probably sautee some for myself tonight - Cory doesn't like zucchini unless it's in bread) and some turnips (probably also for myself, but I had some at an Indian restaurant a few months ago for the first time, and it wasn't bad). And some cherries, which we both like. I looked at fish, but they only had salmon and we have frozen salmon from Costco in the freezer. I was in the mood for trout, too. Oh well.

We walked a bit further on to look for a cribbage board at the toy store but they haven't gotten any in yet.

Next we shall hit Fred Meyer and a couple of estate/garage sales. I'm not good at finding deals at estate sales (I'm always jealous of honeywest's finds) but I'll look anyway. Maybe I'll find crochet stuff.
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