Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The weirdest thing happened to us while we were taking the dog out.

A group of middle-eastern men were walking across the park while we were throwing the ball for Remmy, and one of them stopped and watched us for a minute or two, and then approached us. He talked to us for, I swear, about ten minutes; telling us he was Pakistani and he teaches over there, and was taking classes at OSU for a couple of months to learn how to be a better teacher. I think I only caught about half of what he said because his accent was so thick, but at one point he was talking about how here we just shake hands to say goodbye but over there they consider each other brothers and sisters so they hug; and he hugged Cory! And then after a few more minutes of talking to us he had Cory take a picture with me and Remmy. I made a couple of excuses and we left.
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