Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I never finished talking about Saturday. I did a post about the morning but not about the afternoon. So I shall.

We looked in the newspaper and found three sales. They were kind of far apart, but we didn't mind that much. Our first one was about 12 blocks away. Then we hit Fred Meyer because we were only a few blocks away from that. And then the next one was 23 or 24 blocks away from Fred Meyer. That one was the estate sale. You never really know if you're going to end up in a nice house with nice furniture, or if you're going to end up in a house with appliances from the '50s and tables full of hoarded costume jewelry. This was one of the latter.

After we browsed around inside, we started back home - it had been sunny and hot when we'd started out but we could see some pretty dark clouds on the horizon and the wind had picked up.

We stopped at the Pita Pit so I could get a gyro for lunch (it was good) and then we decided to walk through the big park where we take Remmy so that Cory could walk barefoot - he'd worn his Birks on the walk and his feet were killing him by this time.

When we got to the park, the wind really started in on us. By the time we got home, I had dead flowers and other pieces of plant in my hair; and I also had a really big allergy attack as we were walking head on into the wind and it was pretty darn strong. I got all sorts of pollen blown into my eyes. When we got home I grabbed all the allergy meds I had and took 'em. It helped after awhile, but all day I felt like I had something stuck in my eye; though I couldn't find it.

Oh yes, and as soon as we walked in the door it started pouring. It was good timing.

After my allergy attack calmed down a bit and was bearable, we rented movies and got groceries and stopped at Goodwill to drop off some of Cory's old clothes.

And that was Saturday.

Sunday was rather boring. I woke up an hour before Cory did, and took the dog out right after he woke up. Then we walked down to Starbucks and grabbed some coffee, and came back - and then I spent all day embedding captions in our photos. I did most of them I think; but it took me almost 12 hours and I didn't stop much. My wrists kind of hurt now.

I'm ready for my laptop to get here. And I'm ready for yoga.
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