Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Oh, what a beautiful morning... I'm sorry but I love this weather. 55 degrees when I get up in the morning, and 70 degrees for a high. And clouds. None of this summer crap.

Seriously, though, I do like it. I don't like hot very much. It's just kind of odd that we're still having cloudy days when it's almost July. If it were 2 years ago I'd probably be worrying about whether my wedding was going to be in the sunshine.

Today is Remmy's big day. Boy does she hate going to the vet. Oh well. She's got to be expressed and the vet needs to look at the sore on her ankle. Hopefully he'll just say "let it heal on her own" instead of "here are some expensive salves." Heh, salves.

I finished my shrug on Sunday and then last night I ripped it apart and started a new one. I just didn't like the way it pooched out across the bottom. I should have taken pictures but I was too fast. Anyway, it'll be done shortly.

I also got some yarn for a cap-sleeved sweater that I'll be making next. I thought I was going to start it last night but my shrug was bothering me enough that I just needed to destroy it and start again.

Off to Starbucks and Noah's. I need smoked salmon schmear and some coffee that doesn't taste like dirty water.
Tags: crochet
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