Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


I just realized I never talked about Remmy at the vet. I guess I'd better do that.

Remmy was NOT happy about being in the place that put staples in her pad last time she was there. I sat down near the door and she actually grabbed the leash with her mouth and tried pulling me back out the door.

Once we were in the examination room and she realized nobody was doing anything to her, just listening to her heart and talking to me, she calmed down a bit. I was glad they took her into the back to clean out her ankle - it was hard to watch her in such pain last time.

So she got expressed, her weird ankle hole got shaved and cleaned out, and we got two medicines. Grand total, $118.

Cats are SO much cheaper.

Last night was yoga. The end of the month is relaxation session, so we did a lot of prone poses. My feet almost fell asleep in one of them. I used straps attached to the wall to do a downward dog. I almost used the swing thingy but I didn't. It looked like fun though. (Hanging upside down by a strap around your butt.)

And now it's Thursday. My husband is in the middle of a midterm as we speak. I'm thinking about him and about how he was worried he'd fail but he'll get an A. Like usual.
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