Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, there are a group of girls who live in the apartment complex sort of next-door (but the complex is actually on 8th, not Adams like we are. They're on the corner of 8th and we're on the corner of 9th) and they like to get up early, come outside, light up their cigarettes, and walk in front of our building. That's fine with me, except then they stop outside our windows. Every time. And just now they were talking about being on their periods and having UAs and all kinds of things I'd rather not hear. Especially from the girl who laughs with that really annoying laugh. Go smoke in front of your own building!!!

Today I will bake and do laundry. How domestic.

I also finished my shrug (except for weaving in the last 2 ends) and it looks good. Next time I make one, though, it'll be a bit wider in the back. Next project will be "Stacy" from the Cool Crochet book. I may have Cory take a picture of the shrug but we shall see.
Tags: crochet, rants
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